Greetings and welcome. In this, my first post, let me outline my project for the next few months. As a key element of a year dedicated to professional growth, I aim to visit a series of exemplary high schools, ideally by shadowing a student for a day, and in the course of doing so, report my observations and reflections in this blog. Interspersed with my postings on school-visits will be reviews of classic and contemporary writings on the subject of educational excellence and innovative high school programs.

This is a non-commercial project, with the simple twin purposes of promoting my own better understanding of contemporary best practices, and contributing in however small a way to the conversation about secondary schooling in the 21st century. This blog project is affiliated with what is intended to be ultimately a broader long term endeavor of 21st century K-12 deliberation, the home of which is at my website
There is no exclusivity to the schools included; if you would like to suggest a school, or invite me to visit and blog about your school, please go right ahead and email me at