These are the questions I will be using to frame my viewing and observations on visits to schools, and the questions I will be answering, with positive examples, in my blog entries reporting on my visits.

In what ways is this school demonstrating teaching and learning in the form of research based ‘best practices’ (with particular reference to the research of Wiggins, Marzano, and Bransford)?

What examples are there of the practice of authentic education: student attention to, and developing mastery of, real world applications and experiences? In what ways are students authentically “doing” the subject?

How does the teaching and learning at this school exhibit an educational program particularly well designed or suited for the 21st century—especially as defined by the writings of Wagner, Friedman,  Pink, & Gardener?

In what ways is this school using digital tools in an integrated or seamless way which genuinely enhance student learning?

In a fast-changing and rapidly globalizing ‘flat’ world, how does this school’s teaching and learning demonstrate an “international-minded” instructional program?