Welcome!   Beginning Wednesday morning,  I will be posting frequently, sharing with you what I am seeing, what I am liking, what I am thinking as I attend the NAIS Annual Conference.    I am not an NAIS official, and I do not speak for NAIS; rather I am a veteran NAIS head, and an always enthusiastic NAIS conference-goer.   A few notes:
  1. I will also be “micro-blogging” the conference, beginning Tuesday, via Twitter @JonathanEMartin.   Follow me there too!
  2. The mission of this blog is celebrating 21st century K-12 education (hence, 21k12).   Accordingly, for my NAIS reporting I intend to focus upon issues related to contemporary best practices and innovations in teaching and learning.
  3. A hat-tip to my blogging colleagues; be sure to also visit Michael Obel-Omia’s blog, and KaTrina Wentzel’s blog.
  4. I have been blogging since August, there is much more below, including my live-blogging reports from the 21 21st century high schools I visited last Fall; at each school I shadowed a student for a full school-day, and as I did I wrote and posted my observations of each classroom.  The two posts immediately beneath this one are my “takeaways,” the lessons learned from my “Good High School Project.”

Thanks again for coming; I hope you will read regularly, share with others, and join the conversation by posting a response.