Good morning– it is good to be here at NAIS, beginning this morning with the Global Education Summit, GES.   Shuttle from the Hyatt worked smoothly, but not swiftly.  Wishing I were staying at the McCormick Hyatt, and could just walk.  

Registration easy, but not surprising, because the room here, of assembled attendees for GES, feels only sparsely populated.  I expect to hear tomorrow what the attendance is, but I cannot help but guess that this year’s NAIS attendance will be down; I feel like at least a dozen friends have told me they are taking a pass this year. Still, in only being here 30 minutes I have seen two good friends, and am already experiencing angst from the conflict of serving as a conscientious blogger, and wanting to chat with colleagues and chums, a tension I expect to mark my entire conference.  Friends who are reading this: accept my apologies if my nose is buried in my laptop.