I am drawn over to a new Marcos Antonio Torres session for this second half hour, summoned as it were by the really awesome tweets coming from it by @nandikerry on Twitter.  She tweeted that the session here was celebrating student learning via student production, this this educator’s presentation was communicating that new digital tools can empower students to produce new creative content and share it widely, and that by doing so, students will be more motivated and more engaged and more innovative.  I love it; in my recent writing on my blog I have highlighted the importance of student “product” as a key to 21st century learning. 

Here are some of Kerri Richardson’s Tweets from Marco’s session, all of which really resonate with me: 

  • Move from thinking about what type of learning are you—> what type of producer are you?
  • iphone as favorite mashup tool, the tool changes and the need of user changes
  • what makes you an expert? can I google everything you shared?
  • are you an expert b/c you collected info or b/c you create info?
  • experts have one right answer, others see many possibilities
  • don’t ask questions you can look up
  • Value is in the verbs not the nouns. In schools we focus too much on the nouns
  • MT blasts PPT bells & whistles- the 1.0 mashup of how we deliver content
  • unless we work together as producers of information we will be just delivering the same content in differing media-
  • community connects the studio & the stage- i.e. the knowledge is in the group,
  • media levels the playing field in terms of ‘who’s on stage’- everyone can produce
  • sage o stage vs. guide on the side- how so we move to a new model of teaching & learning
  • Marco Torres we shld be gving students the opportunity 2 create & produce rather than just consume “pimp the flyer”
  • core values of today’s workplace are collaboration, innovation not mindless repetition
  • network, connect to not feel alone, you can get help, we’re all in tis together
  • your work must have wings- it must live outside this classroom
  • showing media- collaboration btw students for media mashup where kids are sharing their innermost feelings- safety in media?
  • Marco Antonio Torres session has been fantastic!!! Follow his incredible work here

Thanks Kerri; your tweets rock. 

Marco Antonio Torres: Digital storytelling connects all the pieces.   Now you can teach writing as a means to an end, rather than an end in itself; it can be a tool toward digital storytelling.   Your work has to have wings; it has to have life outside this classroom rather than die inside this classroom. 

LOVE this; Marco is an outstanding 21st century educator.