Again feeling like I ought to be at a forward-looking curricular session, but I always find it so healthy and sane to listen to Rob Evans, who offers such reassurance and support to the challenging work of leadership and coping with anxiety and people. 

The session I’d suggest others attend, highly, would be Howard Levin’s session on a truly  technologically integrated school.   The work Howard and his team are doing at Urban is, I think, really spectacular.    I am not attending because I already attended a three day symposium by Howard at Urban, last August, and I recommend it to others.

After the jump, more from Rob Evans. 

Rob asks for headlines capturing people’s stress in the room, and people shout out worrisome things like “Ruthless Head Fires Teachers.”  Rob responds: it is funny, isn’t it, that you never see headlines like “Sensitive and Caring Head Fires Teachers.” 

Most people who work in schools, and who lead schools, are all about growth.   Rob talks about the business manager who suggests canceling French to replace with Mandarin, and says what’s the big deal– I’ve been fired or let go many times in my career.  But schools are different, and Rob is continuing on his important themes. 

Rob’s message is very important; it is a variation on a theme from a famous article he wrote, on Why Schools Are not like a business? 

Dealing with troubled faculty?  Rob suggests Acknowledging (just listening); Displaying Confidence and Optimistic (though not being a pollyanna);