Above is an excellent video, akin to the contemporary classic “A Vision of Students Today,” where students themselves, college students here, speak directly into the camera about their understanding of the education they need to succeed.    It is powerful and compelling: in six minutes they lay out from personal experience and conviction their belief that lectures will not engage and will not prepare, that they have the right to learn material that is relevant and pertinent, that they need to learn to be innovators and creators, that technology has to be integrated into their learning experience.   When asked what advice they’d give teachers, they explain: “Give me a choice to express myself, ask me what is relevant to my life, ask me to really think, not regurgitate. ”

[My thanks for the referral to a post today at the blog, Life in the Rennaissance, by Chris Bigenho at Greenhill School.   At that same post is a link to a series of other fine, short, youtube videos on this topic, which I will be returning to!]