Blogging is a powerful medium, and I am a devotee (obviously).   For me,  a daily blogging discipline does many things: forces me to look around my school and the wider world of education for blog-worthy news; forces me to reflect on how my practice as an educational leader aligns with what I am reading about best practices, and allows me to part of a wider conversation about contemporary education.

We are also bringing blogging to our students; my sixth grade son here at St. Gregory blogs regularly as part of his Spanish homework.

The video above, featuring innovative  management gurus Seth Godin and Tom Peters, reinforce this.   Godin’s message is that it is a powerful tool for leaders and all organizational participants to develop their thinking and sharpen their articulation.

“This has become a micro-publishing platform that forces yourself to become part of the conversation, and that posture change has been enormous,” says Seth Godin.

“No single thing since 2004 has been more important to my life than blogging,” Tom Peters says, “it has changed my life, my perspective, my intellectual outlook, and my emotional outlook… It is great. “