Over the past ten days, we have surveyed parents, trustees, and teachers to inquire of them their view of the school’s 1-3 greatest strengths.   More than thirty parents, more than forty teachers, and more than 10 trustees responded.  I have taken the individual responses and grouped them into the categories that seemed most logical to me, and then, in this slide presentation, ordered them (for each constituency) from most frequently cited to least.  (Categories with only one or two items were usually eliminated).

I was particularly gratified to see that for each group, there were enough responses to make a category of innovative and creative curriculum: this is what drew me to St. Gregory, and I think, this will be an ever bigger part of the school’s future.   As one respondent wrote about the school’s greatest strength: “The creativity teachers bring to their classrooms and to the school. The school supports new programs and initiatives which provide our students with a wide range of opportunities to learn inside and outside of the classroom.”

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