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  • Just a few quick things I enjoyed hearing last night as teachers explained their programs to parents:

I want you to make a lot of mistakes because if you are not making mistakes you are not really trying to do anything.

Our students need to trust themselves that they do not need to be told the right answer, because often there is no right answer.   I ask very few questions which have only one correct answer.

You cannot not participate in this class: I have eleven students in this class and I will call on you a minimum of eight times every day.

At the commencement of my biology class, I survey the kids as to their view of the world’s biggest problems.  Then I categorize them, and have the kids vote to generate a top five list; this year the list is, in order, Shortages of Resources, Global Warming, Ignorance, Overpopulation, and Economic Recession.   Then, I help the kids understand how biology will help them understand these great problems that they have identified, and help them find solutions.