Hello Tony:

We have corresponded before, and someone told me today that you were following this blog.   Thank you.   With the greatest of respect, a gentle inquiry: can you share with us here  any information about your planned collaboration with Bob Compton, which Bob reported in a recent comment here on 21k12.

As I know you know, this blogger views your book, and your vision, of 21st century education to be highly inspirational and spot-on.  On the other hand,  I have expressed the view that Bob Compton’s 21st century education vision is sharply different from your own, Tony, and Compton’s vision is not the ideal for which we should be striving.

Your collaboration could be fascinating,  perhaps presenting contrasting 21st century visions.  But until we learn more, we cannot help but be a bit confused.  Your admirers are curious– can you tell us more?

Jonathan Martin