Very energizing meeting today of our St. Gregory Marketing task force; it was terrific to have really positive vibes and great thinking, and I learned a lot.   Board member Katherine Forte brought to us some very nice materials, dynamite “collateral” from a campaign she did in the nineties for Whittier College, a campaign entitled “What Really Matters.”

Katherine brought to our meeting a revised version she drafted, a first draft yes, but a lovely and charming piece, offering a “What Really Matters” at St. Gregory.  We will be revising and reformatting it in time, for a future more formal publication, but I thought I’d share this version here:

What Really Matters at Our School:

Relationships: Because connections to people create meaning in life.

Engagement: Because active, not passive, learning stimulates hunger for more.

Independence: Because individuality always trumps conformity.

Skills: Because personal creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, resilience, problem solving, initiative, adapatability, and data driven decision making can be taught and are at least as important for the future as subject specific content knowledge.

Innovation: Because the alternative is stagnation.

Leadership: Because it is not enough to know what the right thing to do is, it is essential to know how to use that information to make a difference and influence others to change for the better.