Law School Surey of Student Engagement

I have written often here about the importance of measuring what matters, and treating the data seriously; I have also written here about the value of the High School Survey of Student Engagement (HSSSE), which has been called an idea to save the world in the Atlantic Monthly.   At my behest as the incoming head,  St. Gregory administered the HSSSE for the first time last spring, and we now have these results to share with readers.

Inside the powerpoint are a series of 20 graphs, representing our results in about 50 different criteria, with, in every case, our average compared to the average of the respondents nationally who participated.  The national respondent base represents over 100 diverse schools, private and public, urban, suburban and rural.   (we believe there is a slight self-selection bias, that schools more committed than average to promoting student engagement are more likely to participate in the survey!).    For each set of questions, two graphs are provided: the first compares averages for the one “top” option (among four), the “Often” or “Agree strongly” option.    The second compares the averages for the top two options (among four): the often and sometimes, or the agree strongly and agree simply.

I also am providing (after the jump)a table of the categories of greatest difference; those where our students reported much stronger engagement than their national peers (there were NO categories where St. Gregory students reported lesser engagement).

Meanwhile, we are also analyzing the results to identify areas which we as a faculty wish to target for improvement in the years to come, a list I will provide at some time in the future.

St. Gregory National Avg. Difference
Written paper more than five pages: Often 51 17 34
Written paper more than five pages: Often and Sometimes 94 51 43
I place a high value on learning: Strong agreement 63 35 28
I am motivated by teacher encouragement: Strong agreement 45 19 26
I see how my school work will apply after school: strong agreement 46 24 22
In general, I am excited about my classes: strong and simple agreement 79 56 23
School emphasizes analyzing ideas in depth: very much 61 28 33
School emphasizes exploring new ideas: very much 54 27 27
School contributed to growth of writing effectively: Very much 67 35 32
I spend more than 6 hours a week on school activities: Agreement 48 31 17
I feel safe at school: Strong Agreement 65 20 45
I feel safe at school: strong and simple agreement 96 79 17
Adults at this school want me to succeed: Strong agreement 57 26 31
Teachers try to engage me in classroom discussions: strong agreement 47 17 30
I am academically challenged by my classwork: strong agreement 50 20 30
I have opportunities to be creative in the classroom: strong agreement 43 17 26