Happy to see today that  this new publication from NAIS, (National Association of Independent Schools), a two page flyer on myths of independent schools, includes myth number 8: independent schools are traditionalists.  When this list was first published on the Bassett blog in September, the list included only seven, but your humble blogger suggested to NAIS President Bassett that they missed one, that we as an industry need to correct mis-perceptions that our schools are stuck in the 19th century educationally.   In fact, some of our member schools are on the cutting edge of educational innovation, and we need to celebrate that!  The list, now republished for a wider audience, includes my suggestion as the 8th Myth:

MYTH #8: Independent Schools Are Traditionalists

Fact: It’s true – Independent schools are (educationally)
preserving a tradition of excellence and perpetuating
a legacy of learning. BUT – independent schools are
also educational innovators where students are learning
21st century skills of critical thinking, real-world problem
solving, innovation and creativity, and collaboration.