Kicking off with remarks from the ISAS President, Arnie Holtberg from St. Marks, and Rhonda Durham, ISAS ED.

Rhonda opens with the point it is a nice day to be inside and warm, and she is right, though I wish it were warmer still in here.   The topic today is Teaching Matters, because after all, that is what our schools exist to do.  Rhonda acknowledges her event planning committee.

(Looking around the room, a quick comment: people here are much (much!) better dressed than at the comparable event I attended often in California.   I thought I was fine, at a Teacher conference, choosing to go without a tie, but I am feeling under-dressed!)

1100 teachers are here for this event, but there are still 4300 teachers are back in their classrooms now, teaching!   But, Rhonda points out, all those of you at home can read along– right here at this blog.  Thanks Rhonda!

Rhonda ends with a huge shout-out to the Saints in the upcoming SuperBowl.

Head of School Arnie Holtberg asserts that he cannot imagine a more impressive slate of speakers for a regional teachers conference, and I think he is right– this is a “conference of the highest order.”

The core of who we are, the center, is teaching and learning.”  Yes, let us never forget. “Stimulating People Are Stimulating Teachers.”

Arnie ends with the charming, traditional tale of the medieval cathedral: one man reports he is chiseling a place in the wall, a second is making a living, but the third proudly explains he is building a cathedral– which is exactly what all are doing: building a cathedral, creating a very lasting legacy for generations.