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There is a second climate crisis: we make very poor use of our talents.

Life is not linear, it is organic.   We create our lives symbiotically as we explore our talents in relationship to the circumstances they help to create for us.

Human communities depend on a diversity of talents.

I came across a statement: college begins in kindergarten.  No it doesn’t.   Kindergarten begins in Kindergarten.

Zagat guide restaurants are the opposite of standardized fast-food restaurants; they are customized into local circumstances.  We have sold ourselves to a fast-food model of education and it is impoverishing our spirit and energies.

Human talent is tremendous and diverse.

It is about passion!  If you are doing something you love, an hour feels like five minutes.

Education needs to feed people’s spirit, their passion.

Human flourishing is not a mechanical process, it is an organic process.

It is about customizing and personalizing education: Doing that is the answer to the future.  It is about creating a movement in education in which people develop their own solutions but with external support based on a personalized curriculum.   And these new technologies, combined with extraordinary teachers, create an opportunity to revolutionize education.