On my recent post about the disappointing PBL-Explained video, I got a great comment today from Jill Gough, a fine independent school educator and blogger (Experiments in Learning By Doing); she argues that the PBL video explained, while not perfect, is a fine introductory PBL video.   Jill writes

HTH is one of a very few examples shown to me as a classroom teacher…over and over and over again. My colleagues’ reaction: “If it is so easy, why aren’t there more examples? How many times are we going to watch that video of the Blood Project?”

Here, for your viewing pleasure and information, are more exemplary videos articulating the value of PBL in forms more substantial and sophisticated than the disappointing PBL explained video.  In each case, there is a demonstration of excellence in the completed student products that testify to the serious academic rigor PBL can accomplish, a rigor about which, I  believe, PBL skeptics are often skeptical.  Three school networks are represented in the following videos, New Tech Network, High Tech High, and Envision/Metro Schools, and I am pleased to say I have spent entire school days shadowing students at schools in each of these three networks.

This last one won’t embed, but here is a link:  http://www.newtechnetwork.org/node/252