Here at St. Gregory, we are wishing the best and offering our great appreciation to our long-time Librarian, Mrs. Lois Speetzen.  For nearly 15 years she has shared her love of literature with students, and displayed a magic touch for her extraordinary ability to find the right match of book and student, day after day, year after year.

The position description for our next Librarian and Director of Information Literacy is below, after the jump (more).

In preparation for our search, I spent the afternoon in the offices of the Main Library of the University of Arizona, with its Head Librarian, Carla Stoffle, who is “past president of the Association of College and Research Libraries, past chair of the Center for Research Libraries and the Greater Western Library Alliance, and past treasurer of ALA.”

Here I want to quote her at some length, to share with readers her extraordinarily well informed vision of how libraries and librarianship is changing.

A Library is a learning place, not a storehouse.

Libraries are places for study spaces, for group study, for active learning, for collaborative learning, and for cutting edge technology.

Our goal is to become as digital as possible as fast as possible: our journals are now nearly entirely only available online, and 53% of our books purchased last year were e-books. 

We no longer buy books just in case, we buy them just in time.  By doing so we expand our purchasing power and expand what our students have access to.   A huge number of books are in the records; if a user seeks it, then we purchase it, but not before.

My goal is to work towards putting the library where the students and faculty work, pushing it out to those places rather than waiting for them to come to us.   We are embedding and integrating the resources of the library into the course management systems, right then alongside the syllabus and the readings.

Inside each course management system module is a widget: “ask reference.”

We need the library to penetrate the curriculum in positive ways to make it easier for faculty and students.

We are designing and deploying specialized search engines for each department and often for each course.

We are converting all our video resources to digital streaming, and so no longer do professors need to reserve, compete, retrieve and return video (nor players); they can stream to their classroom any time.   We believe faculty are using video more because of its greater accessibility.

We need librarians who are not tied up with the view of themselves as a reference librarian or a book cataloger. Our job is to get the information our clients need to make their lives better, to learn what they need to learn, and to achieve what they set out to achieve.

Our theme at the U. of Arizona Library is Discovery and Delivery: To enable everyone to discover all the information that pertains to their information needs and deliver that information to them.

I want to thank Librarian Stoffle greatly for her time and her wisdom, which will inform our search for a new librarian greatly.

Our search is underway, and we are eager to receive applications for our position.   As noted below, candidates are asked as part of their application to write their own job description, in a sense, by articulating their vision of the changing role of Librarians in the 20-teens.


Position: Director of Information Literacy and Librarian

Start date: July 1, 2011

St. Gregory seeks for school year 2011-12 and beyond a full time Director of Information Literacy (DIL) and Librarian.  The Librarian is the only full time employee in our library, which serves 300+ students in grades 6-12, and includes a small teaching role (.20).

We seek someone who understands and honors the philosophy and values of librarianship and brings that to the library while having the technical skills to manage in contemporary digital environments the discovery, delivery and evaluation of information.

To quote the University of Arizona University Librarian, the library is a learning place, not a storehouse.  Further, today’s librarian’s work is about moving the resources of the library to where students and faculty work and learn.  The job is to help our clients get and use the information they need to make lives better and better learn what they need to learn.

The Director/Librarian will work as part of a team with the Technology Director, the division heads, and the Head of School in advancing 21st century learning and in training and consulting to faculty members in the teaching 21st century information literacy.  The D/l will manage the collection, with a particular emphasis on shifting the collection toward digital resources and on-demand ordering.  The D/L will also ensure the library is primarily a space of learning, collaborating, researching, and innovating.

Requirements and Preferences:

  • experience as a school librarian preferred;
  • experience and proficiency in instructional design preferred;
  • a Bachelor’s degree required; a  masters degree in Library Science or Information Literacy strongly preferred;
  • strong interpersonal skills required;
  • knowledge about and proficiency in Web 2.0 tools and the teaching and learning of 21st century skills, most particularly information literacy, required.

Candidates are asked to submit a letter of interest, a resume, three references, and a short statement on the topic of “Reinventing School Libraries for the second decade of the 21st century.”   In this essay, candidates will be in a sense writing their own job description, articulating how the role and responsibilities of the DLI /Librarian should be changing to align with the technological and information revolutions which are transforming society and learning.

Application deadline March 15, though the school reserves the right to appoint earlier if a highly suitable candidate emerges before that time.

Persons of color especially encouraged to apply.

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Head of School
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