Delighted to be presenting tonight online for the Consortium of Jewish Day Schools Principal Training Institute.

Guiding Questions:

  • How can school-leaders use a focus upon assessment to influence improved, 21st century, learning?
  • What particular types of internal and authentic assessments, classroom-based and school-wide,  can best support learning in the 21st century?
  • What is the role of data collection, using external measurement tools, in instructional leadership?
  • What external measurement tools are particularly well suited to supporting 21st century learning?

Many links are embedded within the slides above, but for ease of reference, below are some particularly highlighted links. 

Suggested Reading:
Internal Assessment

External Assessment:

  • Secretary of Education Arne Duncan: Assessment 2.0
  • NY Times article about Duncan’s speech
  • NAIS article on Value-Added Outcome Measurement
  • A Guide to Becoming A School of the Future booklet
  • 21k12 Blog post about Duncan’s 2.0 speech
  • 21k12 Blog Post Responding to Alfie Kohn on Turning Kids Into Data


St. Gregory Teachers Discuss the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP)

St. Gregory Students Discuss CWRA (5 m. version)

St. Gregory Students Discuss CWRA (1.5 m. version)