Increasingly, I am writing posts for other blog-sites, and I have an inconsistent practice: sometimes I repost them here to 21k12, and sometimes I do not.  When I don’t, I’ll try to make a habit of providing links here for folks who primarily read me via this 21k12blog.  (If you follow me on Twitter, you know I always tweet out the links to posts elsewhere).

Yesterday, my first post for edSocialMedia went up; edSocialMedia has a tag line: Exploring the Role of Social Media in Education, a topic about which I am both intensely curious and very enthusiastic.   I am pleased to have been welcomed there as a contributor.

The post is entitled: “Dilemmas & Tensions of Blogging: Learning from Montaigne.”  Check it out if you are interested.

In the past ten days I have also posted two pieces to Connected Principals which I did not double-post here:

  • Salman Khan, Transformer— this post has generated far more discussion and debate in the comment boxes than nearly any other post I have written to date.

Happy reading, and, as always, I welcome and appreciate your comments.