This morning we were visited for four hours by Bo Adams.  Mr. Adams is the Head of the Middle School at Atlanta’s Westminster School, and is conducting a sabbatical research project upon best practices in “Schools of the Future.”

It was our great pleasure to host him; over the course of the morning he took several pictures and shot several short videos, and tweeted out many observations.  (You can follow Mr. Adams at @BoAdams1)

Below I have pasted in his tweets, some of his photos, and links to his short videos.  Enjoy.

Backdrop to St. Gregory School (photo, left)

What a beautiful school, tucked at the foot of a mountain range. Just met @jonathanemartin 1st time…thx to twitter months ago.

Reading student newspaper, the Gregorian Chant – hot off the press

Sample of new course at St. Gregory… Historical Innovations in Art, Music, Theatre. Newspaper mentions inter-departmentalization

Inch wide and mile deep #gregviz

In World 9 talking atomic bomb: active discuss, images on SmartBoard

“Explain what you learned about Holocaust from recording you listened to for Monday’s class.” #gregviz Freshman react to posted podcasts.

Talking with teacher about Bioethics project combining science and English…Frankenstein meets genetics. Teams of three stus.

Geometry Project….design AND build #gregviz

Video of Geometry, partners, video games #gregviz

AP Physics Video #gregviz (click for the  fun 3o second video)

AP Physics more #gregviz (click for the  fun 3o second video)

AP Physics more #gregviz (click for the  fun 3o second video)

Talked with Sci dept chair. Flipping his classroom like Fisch and Kahn. Kids doing science, not mostly memorizing. Oh, btw it’s AP!

Technology Innovation: Design-Build. A class at STG.

Morning Meeting…Student Written Short Play, etc.

@jonathanemartin makes point of how he and I met via Twitter after RSA video of Where Good Ideas Come From. Teachable moment.

Latin w/ Mr. Clashman. Check out videos and Playmobile

Latin Playmobile #gregviz

Latin Playmobile #gregviz

Latin Playmobile #gregviz

Ovid becomes MS container garden #gregviz

The Goats! StG #gregviz (click for the  fun 3o second video)

PE includes yoga, judo, bike riding – partnered with transportation dept, too, on road safety, etc. #gregviz

Seeing ms science – elements bingo. project on element for each stu. #gregviz. Good JH humor, too. Neon play on words just cracked us up

Science  goes Boom! (click for the  fun 3o second video).

The next great innovation. Saw deep focus during tinkering and discovery. “How does this work?” #gregviz

Spanish practice #gregviz (click for the  fun 3o second video)

Students group in English to create questions about Lowry’s Gathering Blue. #gregviz Reminded of #Falconer Art of Questioning

Great lunch w/ StG MS faculty talking #PBL#Synergy. So many ideas for learning. StG uses week-long stints…like interims, too

Would love to find collab bw #synergy & StG (#gregviz). Check out & “Synergy” to see some of our stuff

As I sit in taxi, heading to airport, micro-blogging about #gregviz, I am thankful for innovation. I can blog from taxi!

@StGregorySchool Many thanks to StG for having me. What a fantastic school and community of learners. Energy here is exciting!