This video clip is entirely outside of the norm for what I usually share here on the blog, but it doesn’t hurt to mix it up sometimes.   My brother directed me to this clip last month, and it continues to kill me with its sharp humor and irony.    We live in fast-changing times, and we can easily overlook how dramatically our world is changing, and how much we have to appreciate in our new technology.  The comedian Louis CK, in this four minute bit which I promise will bust you up in laughter, reminds us powerfully and hilariously to recognize the astounding nature of the era in which we live, and asks us to try harder to not take it for granted.

I suggested this be viewed in our St. Gregory advisory groups today, and I encouraged faculty advisers to follow it up with a reflective conversation: what are the amazing elements of our lives today, what are the things that are changing the fastest, and how can we better appreciate them?  I am not sure how many advisers took me up on the suggestion, but I heard from a few that it made for a very fun session.