Some of my favorite elements of excellent learning are:

  • engaging students in making connections from their learning to “real world” issues and concerns;
  • motivating and rewarding students by asking them to do work that matters to them personally and which they can invest themselves into, developing as they do a stronger sense of their own identity and their own unique worldview;
  • asking students to use, develop, and demonstrate outstanding 21st century skills and digital proficiencies, and in particular using effective digital communication tools such as websites and digital videos;
  • and asking, expecting, and even insisting that students prepare and present high quality, finished, polished “products” as culminations of their learning experiences, and use these finished products as goals and ends toward which their learning journeys are progressing.

In a recent extended assignment for our excellent History and Social Studies teacher and department Chair, Michelle Berry, Ph.D., students were asked to prepare 2016 Presidential campaigns, including campaign ads on digital video and full blown websites.

Here I am sharing three video advertisement examples, and two websites.   The first comes from student Jackson R., who prepared a Green Party Presidential campaign with himself playing the part of Robert Forrest.   Be sure to click on the image above to visit his extraordinarily comprehensive and near-professionally produced campaign website, and enjoy his campaign ad video. 

Below is a screenshot of a second campaign, (click on the image to see that fine website, and below it is accompanying campaign ad.)   This one was prepared by senior Alex B., and the video ad, some readers may notice is, in part, a play on the legendary Lyndon B Johnson TV ad from 1964, Daisy.

We’ll close out with ads from a third candidate, from student Louis S.

In this last one, also for candidate Lou S., you’ll see a few scenes shot in my own office, first as our candidate is seen working hard at his desk (my desk), and then conversing with me.

Hope you enjoy these as much as I do, and will join me in having high optimism for the future of American politics based on these fine efforts.