“This was the best TED Talk ever.”

“My favorite yet!”

“I loved this!  It totally spoke to me.”

After a lapse of a few months, I found this morning a slot to share at all-school meeting a TED talk– and when I announced this, the room broke out into genuine applause.   This is a very charming and sweet connection I am sharing with my St. Gregory students, one I will miss greatly:  our shared “fandom” for TED talks.

After viewing, we had a great ten minute all-school conversation.   First we focused upon the content– what is the relationship of happiness and productivity, how do we “filter” our experience, what are the five techniques for developing a positive outlook and happiness attitude, and do we agree with these five?

The five techniques to shift your attitude, enhance your happiness, lift up your filter, and strengthen your productivity:

  1. Express gratitude daily; deliberately choose to write or say thank you and express appreciation for what you have.
  2. Journal.
  3. Meditate.
  4. Exercise.
  5. Practice random acts of kindness.


Then we shifted to form: what made this talk so effective.  Humor of course was the most important element, but we also discussed the way the presenter himself modeled a positive affect, and the way he used a personal story at the outset to build a sense of connection with his audience.

Take the twelve minutes for viewing this one: It is a very funny talk with a very meaningful message.