Dear Fellow NAIS Educator:
I am writing you because I believe you share with me a passion to lead learning forward and I think you may be, like I am, eager to learn more about, practice, pilot, experiment with, collaborate around, and share advances in the arena often referred to as 21st century learning or “schools of the future.”At the NAIS meeting and around our regional meetings we have some of these opportunities with independent school associates, but speaking for myself and my colleague Chris Thinnes from Curtis School (CA), we want more: we are eager to broaden our network of forward-thinking educators to include the boldest and brightest public school district leaders in the nation, and we are finding this opportunity under the auspices of a new organization called EdLeader21.

Please consider joining Chris Thinnes and me for a 45 minute coffee reception next Thursday (March 1) morning at 7:00am in Seattle (Convention Center room #305) to learn more.

Ken Kay, EdLeader21 CEO and founder/former President of the national Partnership for 21st century Skills, (P-21) will
speak with us via skype about this exciting new professional learning community for educational leaders of all sectors who want to work together to improve learning for all students.

Click here for the flyer:

This is a free and entirely open event; please forward this post to others whom you think might be interested, and feel free to bring or send a friend or colleague.

No RSVP required, but you are welcome to reply and let me know if you will be coming or to contact me for more information.