Last week we held our second annual faculty tech smackdown:  about 20 teachers and administrators presented one or two one to three minute presentations about ways they are using technology effectively in their work.

The slides above will take you through the tour, though some slides are less informative than others; much of the presentation was in the talking, of course.

The hour was fast-paced, informative, and enjoyable.  Over the course of the rest of the day (the smackdown was first thing in the morning), it seemed like there were many followup conversations as people took the inspiration from the morning to learn more.   The format is highly recommended.

The topics ranged a wide gamut:

  • Studying volume in geometry, students use geometer’s sketch pad to design a duck and evaluate its displacement, and then convert it to google sketchup and then print the resulting design in our new 3d printer to obtain a prototype where the analysis can be tested;
  • getting online on twitter to join educator hashtag #edchats, synchronously and asynchronously
  • videotaping lectures and posting them on teacher websites, and how that advances learning;
  • favorite extensions for Chrome, including send-to-kindle and awesome screenshot;
  • schoology and edmodo uses in the classroom;
  • AP English video projects;
  • Wolfram Alpha uses in Science and Math classes;
  • documentary videos in history;
  • following congresspersons and senators on Twitter;
  • the advantages of integrating in math classes, and the resulting gain in student learning;
  • open computer testing in theater history class;
  • and more.

Below (or after the jump) are some of the videos shared or referred to in the slides:

Advanced History Documentary Trailer:

English Class Videos