The power of the network is a something of a new intellectual paradigm I observe– in the world today and in own my life.   It is so fascinating to recognize the many ways in which today, learning is happening not by the handing down from above of received wisdom by experts but by active co-creation among a networked cluster, sometimes large and sometimes small, of people, young and old, with common interest, learning from each other and with each other.

Metaphors matter, and the metaphor for knowledge and its organization which mostly we have inherited is that of the tree– but today, the tree has been felled.   This ten minute video lays it out visually and graphically: our world-view about the construction and transmission of knowledge has changed or should be changing.

To quote Manual Lim, the speaker for this video,

there is an need for a new way of thinking, and this new way of thinking is a holistic way of thinking, that everything is connected, everything is interdependent. 

Lim concludes with the point this this a beautiful thing, this new networked understanding of the world, with enormous benefits and enormous opportunities.

How are we helping ourselves, how are we helping our educational colleagues, how are we helping our students connect to the power of networks?