Lead by Example Cover

Think Through Math, an online math support, personalized learning, and tutoring platform, commissioned this ebook, Lead by Example,  for their audience of district and school leaders and administrators.    You can find it here for free download.

The book’s core argument is that we are all 21st century learners, (or we all need to be), and that we can most effectively lead our schools through the necessary transformation our fast-changing times demand by better practicing what we preach to our students.

When we ask our students to show their work, to learn from their mistakes, to state their thesis, to play well with others, to share, to ask more questions, to be creative, and to revise their work,  do we stop to ask ourselves how well we are doing the same?  Do we consider the example we are setting?  How might we better lead by example?

In the eb0ok, each short lesson is illustrated with concrete examples of educational leaders “leading by example” in their everyday practice.  I’ve also tried to connect each practice to Marzano’s meta-analysis of evidence-based leadership strategies, explained in his book, School Leadership that Works.

Some of the leaders referenced in this e-book are Pam Moran, Eric Sheninger, Chris Lehmann, Eric Juli, Brett Jacobsen, Mark Crotty, and Sue Szachowicz.   I thank them for the many ways they inspire me and exemplify leadership by example.