Tessera teacher playbook cover

Pleased to be able to share a link to a 26 page sample of this new 175 page Social and Emotional Learning (and Noncognitive Skills) Teacher Playbook.   I am one of four “lead developers,” or co-authors on the playbook, along with award winning Salt Lake City teacher Leigh VandenAkker, research scientist Jeremy Burrus, Ph.D., and doctoral candidate Dana Murano.   City High School (Tucson, AZ) Director of College Access Eve Rifkin also contributed to the playbook.

The Playbook is designed for teaching and learning skills and habits of teamwork, resilience, and grit in both middle and high school classrooms; dozens of lessons and classroom activities are provided for each competency.

The sample includes some overview and introductory materials, as well as several sample lessons from the teamwork unit.  The free sample is easily available for download (after a quick registration) here.

The full playbook is, I’m afraid, available only to educators in schools, districts, and organizations using the Tessera SEL system, at the center of which is an innovative noncognitive skill and SEL competency assessment instrument providing schools, teachers, and students reports on student proficiency in six constructs, including teamwork, resilience and grit.  I’ve been advising the Tessera system in its development over the past 17 months.  For more, click here.