As part of the curriculum here on globalization and participatory voices in media, the teacher has assigned them a very cool project of using the web to broadcast their voices: “Utilize the technologies and/or e-forums we are exploring in class to have your voice heard by the world.”  For this project, students have published their own websites, and now are seeking ways to market them, bring them to broader attention, and also are using google analytics to track their visitor traffic.    A competition is running too amongst the groups for how many visits they can attract, and the high water mark, three weeks in, is 266.     I love this– it is a project crafted to meet the interests of digital natives, but not just their interests, the tools they will need to employ to be successful in the new era.    Lots of emphasis here on how students can address the marketing problem of driving traffic to their site– recognizing the critical point that it is not just enough to publish to the web, you need to have savvy to think about how to bring people to it.

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