Lunchtime, I accompany Tim to his Student Life committee meeting, which he co-leads; this is a communication tool from students to the administration.  Students on the committee meet monthly with the director of student life and the headmaster to share concerns; a main agenda item this meeting is about the shuttle transportation from BART.   Good discussion here of real-world problem-solving.    Next up is a discussion of composting and the biodegradable utensils, and how to manage that stream of trash in an environmentally friendly way.   This group also manages a calendar of “food days,” with communications to the students about the calendar via the school First Class email system.   And onto a Ping Pong club, and how to better maintain the tables; brainstorming follows for strategies.   The big thing for the agenda is “CPS Day,” actually a pair of days in April that these students are planning for, at which the first day there will be a series of forums on important issues, and the second day a work-party day for action both on campus and off.   Good student leadership here, with real responsibility.  They are working hard on thinking about how to provide all students opportunities to do what they want, and there is good brainstorming about how to do so.   As they talk about particulars, they are also considering what themes they might organize the forum around.   Theme ideas include Global Warming, Green, Technology, Facebook, the New President.

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