The room has wonderful posters displayed of student research projects, oversize, printings that must be 3′x3′.  They are organized with images, graphs, maps, and headings of introduction, methods, results, and an abstract.   Subjects include: “Environmental Education in the East Bay,” “Water Quality in East Bay Creeks,” “Environmental Justice and Perceptions of Environmental Risk,” “Green Certification in the Bay Area,” “Impact of Snowmobiles on Hydrocarbon Levels in Sierra Meadows,” “Area Effects on Species Variation in a California Oak Woodland,” and “Bats as Ecological Indicators: A Pilot Study on the Sacramento River.”  Excellent, real-world, authentic learning by doing and powerful skills in communicating are displayed here.   The teacher tells me about how they are presented at a year-end symposium to which parents and community members are invited, which is great, Sizerian, exhibitions.

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