Below is a list of the 21 high schools visited by Jonathan in Fall 2008 as part of his “Good High School Project.”   At each school (with one exception), Jonathan spent an entire school day shadowing a student, usually an 11th grader, and, as he shadowed, “live-blogged” the visit, writing contemporaneously (and without editing!) his observations.  Note that in keeping with live-blog convention, the posts read in reverse chronological order, with each new entry headed by the time it was posted.   Hence for most schools, you begin reading the last entry for the day. 

Drew School, San Francisco

University High School, San Francisco

Urban School, San Francisco

Branson School, Ross, Marin County, California

Bay School, San Francisco

Tesseract School, Phoenix

International High School, San Francisco

CART: Center for Advanced Research and Technology, Fresno/Clovis, CA

New Technology High School, Sacramento

Franklin High School, IB Program, Stockton, CA

Adelson School, Las Vegas

College Preparatory School, Oakland

Head Royce School, Oakland

Athenian School, Danville, CA

Metro High School (an Envision School), San Francisco

High Tech High, San Diego

High Tech High International, San Diego

Crossroads School, Santa Monica

Wildwood School, Santa Monica

Redwood Day School, Oakland 

Sonoma Academy,  Santa Rosa, CA

2 Responses to “Schools Visited for the Good High School Project”

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  2. […] been blogging since August, there is much more below, including my live-blogging reports from the 21 21st century high schools I visited last Fall; at each school I shadowed a student for a full school-day, and as I did I […]

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