Resume/C.V: JonathanEMartinCV2014

Statement of Education Philosophy


Evaluation Letter, St. Gregory Board of Trustees, February 2011

Excerpt:  Our overall impression is that we have a Head of School who is bringing about all the leadership and change we anticipated as we made the original hire. In fact, Jonathan has accomplished much, much more than we ever imagined in his short time at the school. It is our hope he will continue at the school and continue to lead us into the future.

Letters of Reference. 

Sarah Wille, Board Chair, St. Gregory, 2009-10.

Excerpt: He is a strong leader and well prepared to meet today’s educational and economic challenges with extraordinary vision.

Susan Heintz, Upper School Head, St. Gregory, and 30 year veteran at the school.

Excerpt: While Jonathan has clear opinions, he does a tremendous job of gathering input for both his thinking and his decisions.  I’ve yet to work with someone as inclusive in this process as he; it seems that anyone who will be affected by a decision is consulted, individuals as well as groups, formally and informally.

Cathy Rosenberg, Board member, Parent Ambassador Chair, long-time parent, St. Gregory College Prep.

Excerpt: Jonathan has incredible integrity, an unending passion for education, and has exhibited a dedication to St. Gregory that goes above and beyond the norm.  He is kind, thoughtful, brilliant, and isn’t afraid to think outside the box.

Malika Johnson, Director of College Counseling, St. Gregory, veteran of four NAIS member schools.

Excerpt: professional, talented, driven, and thoughtful.

Heather Faircloth, Middle School Head, St. Gregory College Prep.

Excerpt: Jonathan has been a great support to me in my growth as an administrator.  He has given me positive guidance, support in tough circumstances, and always encourages me to excel in my position.

Kate Oubre, Ph.D.  English Teacher, Department Chair, St. Gregory College Prep.

Excerpt: In the two years that I have worked for Jonathan Martin, I have come to value his integrity, his motivation and enthusiasm for educational leadership, his willingness to listen to all sides of an issue, and his innate belief in students as enthusiastic, self-motivated learners.

Susan Warren, Director of International Programs and Admissions, St. Gregory.

Excerpt:  He has a genuine interest in international students as well as a strong understanding of the educational value of  building an international program.  Jonathan has done an excellent job advocating for  strong programmatic support for our international students with our faculty and community.  Jonathan has traveled to Mexico and China to establish relationships with schools and students in both countries. Having accompanied, or been in close contact with Jonathan on these trips, I know him to be flexible, energetic, and comfortable in a wide variety of  international settings.


Board Chair, Former Parent Association President, Saklan Valley School, Lisa Rokas

Former Board Chair, Saklan Valley School, Paul Nathan

Former Board Chair, Saklan Valley School, Diane Wilcox

Former Board Chair, SaklanValley School Ruth Bailey

Former Trustee, current CAO of WestEd, Richard Whitmore

Chris LaBonte, former division head for me and now Upper School Head, Tesseract School

Faculty Members Kim Parks and Victoria Obenchain, Saklan Valley School


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