These aren’t all e-books exactly; it just seems that “e-book” is the best catch-all term for this collection of e-books, special reports, white papers, and guides of various kinds which I’ve authored, co-authored, or contributed to in the past several years.

They are listed in reverse chronological order, and I’ll keep adding to this as new ones arrive; I have two more in production right now, and several others in development.   All of these are free, though in some cases you’ll need to do a simple little registration in order to access the material.

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Transitioning to a Digital Curriculum – Think Through Math

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Lead by Example Cover

grading assessing online student work



the hill school_final.indd

MSA Toolkit Sept 2014

Special Reports

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SSATB  Who We Are » Think Tank » Think Tank Special Report 2013 (1)