Michael Herzog and Qiyam Tung, who teach together here at St. Gregory (Qiyam is a University of Arizona graduate student on fellowship with us),  have taken great initiative this year in enhancing the high school Algebra curriculum, strengthening its use of technology, and using video game programming logic and structure to illustrate the power and value of Algebraic equations.  (See particularly slides 11-20)   The slides above are from the presentation they gave Monday at the annual teacher conference of the Arizona Association of Independent Schools (AAIS).

Project and Problem Based Learning has a rich history at St. Gregory, and it continues to advance.   This week our 9th graders are embarking on a ten week interdisciplinary project, and this project memo demonstrates many aspects of outstanding PBL:
  • an assignment grounded in a real-world situation;
  • a clear timetable;
  • important roles and responsibilities for the team members;
  • a sense of “professionalism” as students act as they would in a job setting;
  • an integral and essential use of technology to support their project;
  • clearly defined, high standards for the project to be completed;
  • and a rich academic subject, in this case bioethics.
This project was designed and is being implemented by English teacher Kate Oubre, Ph.D., and Biology teacher Kevin Rolle.
Bioethics Webinar Project

Ourolle Educational Consultants has been hired by Arizona Department of Education to create an educational program dealing with bioethics, which they consider the most important set of ethical issues facing humans in the 21st century.  They have designated the topics that they want covered as well as the grade levels in which this program will be implemented.

They realize that this program cannot be fully implemented within the standard curriculum already in place, and they are not ready to provide teacher training, but they still want this material covered. Therefore, they have hired you to create online lessons. (more…)