Your two days at NCDS far exceeded my expectations.  The resources you provided, your questions and your collaborative presence elicited energy and a genuine spirit of inquiry.   In short, to borrow a cliche from my favorite sport, you “hit it out of the park”.    Thank you for designing an inspiring and practical workshop.
Kathleen Scully Hodges,

Head of the Upper School
Newton Country Day School of the Sacred Heart


“We sought a comprehensive review of the academic content, methodology, and developmental process for our Middle and High Schools and Jonathan E. Martin was recommended to us by a trusted friend of the Academy.  Jonathan conducted an extensive documentary review and several days of on-campus observation and conversation with our teachers and staff.  The results have been absolutely transformational for our whole team!  Jonathan’s findings were thoughtful and his recommendations for future steps were clear and sustainable.  Any administrator who wants to see their school reach its potential should talk with Jonathan – he can make you stronger and give your students a brighter future!”

Brigadier General David C. Wesley, USAF, Retired. President, Randolph-Macon Academy (VA)

“We were looking for an outside knowledgeable perspective to guide our middle school faculty toward a more progressive PBL, interdisciplinary approach. Jonathan’s  breadth of knowledge helped our school articulate and manifest its mission to its fullest, enriching the experience for all its constituents.  He was able to come into our school, hear our vision, and verbalize a path to learning and change.  Jonathan allowed all voices to be heard, led with empathy, but was resolute in research and best practice.  In the end, our students will be the beneficiaries of our work together this year.”Julie Bianchi, Middle School Director, Detroit Country Day School

“Excellent presentation.  Jonathan Martin defined 21st century skills and learning environments and raised the awareness of every teacher in the room.  The five C’s resonated with everyone – character, critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication.  Stratford now has the map to the future success of our students.”  “Engaging speaker, extraordinarily knowledgeable about 21st Century learning and assessment, and clear personal passion for the subject.”  Maggie Schwartz, Middle School Principal, and Matt Wulfstat, President, Stratford School (CA), after two days of faculty training, August 2014

All schools need to understand and embrace the deeper learning so essential for our students. My suggestion is to enlist Jonathan Martin to guide you in that process. Jonathan recently led our faculty and our board in two days of the most stimulating, exciting and important professional development we have done in years. Using data and interactive methods, Jonathan highlighted best practices in international education and assessment design principles, teaching faculty and trustees how to prepare the next generation of innovative thinkers.”Tim Bazemore, Head of School, Catlin-Gabel School (OR)

“We believe Jonathan is a leading voice on the changing landscape of education and how it requires us to think differently about teaching and learning.  His depth of knowledge, informed by substantive sourcing and research, presents a clear and compelling picture for administrators and teachers about the shifts occurring in today’s world.  More important, as one who has taught and led schools, Jonathan provides practitioners a clear roadmap for how to implement problem-based learning which promotes students doing real work for real audiences.”–Dave Monaco, Head of School, Parish Episcopal School (TX), after a day long faculty program there

“In the course of one day with our faculty, Jonathan was able to make clear why our students today are different than those our educational system was designed to teach – and why today’s students deserve a different educational experience.  Jonathan’s presentation put innovative instruction and PBL in context for us and made it seem possible, reasonable, and necessary! To quote one of our teachers, ‘Jonathan Martin’s day with us was  the most engaging and exciting professional learning we have ever had.'”   Charlene Loope, Administrator, Norfolk Collegiate School (VA)

“Jonathan, Thanks for leading the session:  I have more notes from your session than from all the previous sessions combined.  And you’ll be VERY pleased to read that about a third of my notes are questions.  “What if we…?” and “Could we ever…?” are the sentence starters for much of what I’ve written.”   Landis Green, Head of School, Wildwood School (CA) at OESIS after Assessing 21st century learning Presentation

“Jonathan Martin’s workshop on 21st century learning assessments gave our school leaders a thorough understanding of recent developments in this important area. With careful planning in advance, he tailored the workshop to fit the needs and interests of our group. His cogent analysis clarified the purpose, strengths, and limitations of each form of assessment to help participants determine what changes might best serve their school mission. Small group discussions helped build collegial ties to support further exploration. Follow-up materials that he provided will help everyone make progress. Jonathan’s teaching has greatly enriched our conversation about the challenge and opportunity of assessing 21st century capacities.– Lee Quinby, Executive Director, ACIS, Association  of Colorado Independent Schools

“I had been touting Jonathan Martin’s presentation to the faculty for months, but they still were skeptical.  After all, it was the first day after a two-week winter break.   But they loved it, and a week later  are still buzzing about it. “Best in-service ever!” has been a common refrain. Jonathan mixed theory, experience, and concrete examples; plus teachers left with tangibles ideas for moving forward. One explained, “He made us see new possibilities.” Because of that, many have taken ideas and already begun running with them.  –Mark Crotty, Head of School, St. John’s Episcopal School (TX), after a day-long faculty PD workshop.

“We had Jonathan Martin at our school for a full day visit during our opening faculty meetings this year.  His talk was informative, constructive, and packed with detail.  His knowledge of 21st Century Learning, in general, and understanding of particular techniques and methods of instruction, specifically, made his presentation particularly thought-provoking.  The information and resources he provided on integrated technology use, one-to-one programming, the flipped classroom, and Project-Based Learning, gave our faculty tangible tools to use in the classroom immediately.  And, his talk was interactive, hands-on, and engaging.  All in all, a great day!”

-Andy Jones-Wilkins, Head, Tandem Friends School (VA)after a day-long faculty PD workshop.

From all indications,  your keynote was a terrific success. Your presentation was perhaps one of the best I have seen on the “Schools of the Future” viewpoint; I look forward to welcoming you back for another conference soon.  I love how you provide so much resource information for leaders to tap into.. I get energized to learn more.  I will continue to look to you as a cutting edge leader for independent schools.”  
–Kim Fallon, Director of Professional Development, Virginia Association of Independent Schools (VAIS).

Jonathan Martin’s Project Based Learning Workshop was excellent.  He outlined the process efficiently, put appropriate emphasis on the critical steps, then led us through them.  I liked the fact that he took the time to canvass us on where we were in the process and then adapted his presentation to that information.   There are a lot of prescribed PBL “systems” out there, but Jonathan really cut through the hype and got right to the spirit of enterprise. 

— Scott Morris, Ph.D. and Chemistry Teacher.

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