Welcome to my home-page for resources about what we are calling Open Computer Testing, but is also known as open network testing and open internet testing, or alternately open computer exams, open network exams, or open internet exams.

We believe this to be a highly valuable practice for learning in the 21st century.

My open computer testing tag is here: https://21k12blog.net/tag/open-computer-testing/

My posts on the topic, individually, are here:

Other posts on the topic include:

One Response to “Open Computer Testing, Open Network Testing, Open Internet Testing”

  1. […] (Some may recall that Will wrote about his enthusiasm for this kind of testing in a post which cited our work at St. Gregory as an influence; the post begins  ”I just recently ran across Jonathan Martin’s posts regarding the  ’Open Internet’ tests that he’s piloting with some teachers at St. Gregory School in Arizona, and I’m just loving the thinking.”)   [For a set of posts and resources about our open computer/open network testing at St. Gregory, click here: 21k12blog.net/oct] […]

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